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Working at funda

Ready to bring your A-game?

To remain the top team, we need top players. Sound like you? Come join us and let’s shift that housing market.

Who we are

Yes, we are a marketplace for real estate. But we’re so much more than that. We are a team of 141 go-getters who develop new features, services, products and content. Everything to help users find, sell and enjoy their homes in a future-proof way. And to support real estate agents as they market their services and properties. 

Our culture

People at funda are known for being friendly, fun and pretty fond of food (ask our chefs). We’re also driven, result-oriented and ambitious. The office atmosphere is informal: we take our work seriously, but ourselves not too much.

How we work

We are people with very different talents, but with one common goal: to provide users with the best possible experience on our platform. We avoid silos and prefer working in multidisciplinary client teams. Lines are short, teams are small. We work agile, flexible and hybrid. Part home, part office.

Tech at heart

Two decades of funda: in tech years, that’s an eternity. But as any grown-up should, we do our best to stay young at heart. And that means constantly innovating and developing our tech stack. 

funda tech stack

Love being spoiled? So do we. 

Let’s play ball

Are you the A-player that will bring our game to the next level? Check out our open positions to see if we have a spot for you. Open applications are welcome, too.