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More than a marketplace

Housing guru and love brand

If you’re interested in housing or commercial property in the Netherlands, you can’t get past funda and funda in business. If you’re seeking or selling a home, you probably check our app before getting out of bed. With 97% brand awareness and 4.6 million unique visitors every month, we are one of the largest and best-known websites in the Netherlands. We even have a dedicated fan page. Does this make us proud? Absolutely. Is it a given? Absolutely not. 

What we do

Yes, we are first and foremost a search engine geared towards finding someone's ultimate home. But over two decades, we've grown much bigger than that. We are a toolbox, providing users with data-driven tools that give insight into homes and neighbourhoods. We are a content platform, supporting consumers and real estate agents in their processes of buying and selling. We are a YouTube channel, informing and inspiring home-seekers and -sellers with video. We are an advertising platform, providing a huge reach to other companies so they can grow their audience. And we have many more roles to play. 

Our mission

The biggest step in your life should be carefree 


We realise that there’s a lot more we can do to ensure our users have the very best experience. Like making the search process even easier and expanding our content and services. And to help real estate agents market their services and properties even better. Our bucket list of ambitions is endless. We’re developing from a marketplace – where supply and demand meet ­– into a platform that helps our visitors with all the important things that come with buying, owning and selling a home. 

Home base

We work on realising our ambitions with a team of 141 passionate people from 25 different countries. We get together in our beautiful office with unobstructed views of the Amsterdam IJ – unless a giant cruise ship decides to dock right in front of our office. Here, we develop features, products, services and content. It’s also where we blow off steam, celebrate our wins and play the occasional game of FIFA or table tennis. You can’t do that in your home office, can you?

Our story so far

There’s been a lot of great moments since we launched in 2001 (the same year as Wikipedia!). Check out some of our fondest memories.

2022 - Branching out

We’re focusing on our ambition to broaden our platform. We’re working on offering more content and services tailored to the phase in-between buying and selling: owning.

2021 – Happy birthday to us

Premiere of a documentary celebrating funda’s 20th anniversary.

2021 – Selling to sellers

Launch of cross-media campaign, for the first time targeted to sellers.

2019/20 – Serving up data gold

Launch of data-driven products for agents: funda Index and funda Barometer.

2018 – Designated deep-divers

Set-up of dedicated research and data departments.

2017 – Content all the way

With the launch of for consumers and for real estate agents, we become a full-blown content platform.

2017 – Design by data

Architects design a house based on funda’s data.

2015 – Pocket-friendly funda

Launch of our redesigned website. From now on, funda is mobile-first.

2015 - New HQ

The funda office moves from the Amsteldijk to our current office on the Piet Heinkade.

2015 – Terrific traffic jam

A huge milestone, our first year with more than 500 million visits.

2010 - Download & install us

The year we launched our funda app.

2008 – Roll out the red carpet

First-time winner of the Website of the Year prize (with many more awards to come).

2007 – Open to all

Non-NVM agents can now also publish objects on funda.

2005 – Office for sale

Launch of funda in business for commercial property.

2004 - Junkie behaviour

The term 'funda addiction' is first coined. It is the term voor the love of peeking inside neighbours' houses out of curiosity.

2003 - Into the green

The first year that funda makes a profit.

2001 - Lift-off

NVM (The Dutch Estate Agent and Appraiser's Association) launches funda. The platform immediately surpasses 1 million page views per day. 

Want to be part of our next chapter?

We have an ambitious game plan for the future. Join us and help us bring it home.