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How we work

Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships*

* Yes, this is a Michael Jordan quote. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, so we won’t.

Team come true

At funda, we avoid working in departments separated by expertise. Instead, we mostly work in multidisciplinary client teams (try saying that 3 times fast), with developers working closely together with UX designers, marketeers and product owners. On the product and software development side, we work in two-week sprints, applying Agile and scrum principles.

Our teams work with total client focus: one team focuses on our value proposition to consumers, another team focuses on real estate agents. These two teams get their power from all the surrounding teams – from Customer Success and HR to Advertising, Business Development and our in-house Creative Team. Their common denominator? The drive to get things done for our users.

Whatever we do, our users come first

We like it hybrid

Like any company, we are exploring new ways of working since Covid-19. We believe the future way of working will be hybrid: part from home, part from the office. Getting together at the office will remain important for in-person bonding, creativity and alignment. And of course: having casual coffee chats with colleagues you otherwise wouldn’t see.

Of course, we also support working from home. It allows us to work completely focused and without distractions (unless your pet loves keyboards) and cut back on commuting time. Naturally, health comes first. So, we follow government guidelines and take necessary safety measures to create a healthy working environment. We do our best to keep the germs where they belong: away.

‘One of our fundamentals is: learning never stops. It’s a mindset we strongly believe in: that you’re never ‘there’ knowing it all, but that there’s always something new to learn. That’s also why we put so much emphasis on learning and development. We do that by giving people studying budget to expand their knowledge and skills. But also by giving everyone time and space for learning or taking initiatives they will grow from. And if our people grow, funda grows too.’

Ilse Westerveen

HR Manager

Our expertise. What is yours?