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Let’s get technical

The funda of today sure isn’t the funda of 20 years ago. Today, we are a microservices company running natively in the cloud, always looking for new technologies to further improve our user experience. 

Things we’re excited about 

We’re currently completely revamping our search, moving from Solr to Elasticsearch and Appbase, which allows us to add new filters and options for saved searches and following listings. Our move towards Flutter is another important choice, giving our teams the ability to work on different platforms while developing new products. That allows us to put a stop to developing separately for native apps and start building towards parity. 

 On the data side, we’re setting an example in the Netherlands by moving from ETL (extract, transform, load) to ELT (extract, load, transform), so we can shape our data more flexibly. The data we have available about interactions on our platform allows us to understand intent, seriousness and trends in demand. Extremely valuable insights that we want to leverage to trigger movement in the market. 

‘Working at funda is like taking care of a classic car instead of having a flashy lease car that you get rid of after three years. You have to be way more careful with it. With millions of users and daily traffic, you really feel the weight and responsibility of your work. We can’t stagnate. We can’t stay the same. And that’s exactly what we’re not doing. One or our goals this year is to bring listings to the platform sooner – as soon as technology allows us. With a market like this, that can really make a difference for our users.’

Eduardo Neves

Funda in numbers

user accounts, +78.000 new ones every month (so forgive us if this number is already outdated) 

hardworking pods running our Kubernetes cluster 

searches per day (try eating that many M&Ms in a year) 

software deployments per day

of logs collected daily (good luck catching up with that)

engineering colleagues (a whopping 40% of our total staff) 

servers with 900 cores running our applications (talk about horsepower) 

of data served to our users daily (at your service)

Say hi to our tech stack 

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