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Frequently Asked Questions

And all the answers you need (we hope)


What information should I include in my CV?

Besides everything you usually put on a CV, like previous experience and education, be sure to tell us about your accomplishments, not just your duties. Feel free to attach or link to projects you’re proud of to illustrate your capabilities. 

Should I include a cover letter?

It’s much appreciated. If you prefer a video over a letter, we’re just as happy. As long as you tell us why you believe you will thrive in this position and of course: why funda.

I live outside of Europe. Can I still apply with you?

Yes, all applicants are welcome. We can provide a visa sponsorship for any country of origin. We do, however, take into account how lengthy/complicated/trustworthy the visa application process is when deciding whether to move forward with you as a candidate. 

How do I submit my application?

To ensure fairness and legal compliance in our recruitment processes, we only accept applications submitted via our Careers page. We don’t review or respond to applications sent to us by email. 

I just submitted my application. Now what?

Have a tiny bit of patience 😉 We aim to respond to everyone within one week. Then we’ll let you know if we’d like to set up a call, if we need more information from you, or if we have decided not to move forward with your candidacy. 

How do I know if my application has been received in good order?

Once you have applied, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. Didn't receive one? Then please contact us

How soon will I know if a hiring decision has been made?

Your recruiter can explain the timeline for the position you've applied for. You should get a status update no later than a week after your interview. 

How long does the interview process take end-to-end?

We aim for as swift as possible. On average the process takes four weeks. It can take a bit longer (or shorter!) due to availabilities. In any case, the recruiter will keep you constantly informed of where you are in the process.  

What does the recruitment process look like when I am abroad?

Then we simply do the interviews online. Check How we hire for the steps you can expect.  

What happens to my personal data after applying?


How much time elapses between accepting the offer and receiving the contract?

We aim to get back to you within a week. That is the time we need to draft the contract, retrieve all necessary details from you and go through the internal approval process.  

What kind of contract can I expect?

You start with a one-year contract. If we are both happy after that year, we can convert that contract into an permanent one. 

How does relocation work at funda?

We make it our goal to make your transition as smooth as possible. Read more about relocating to work at funda here


When do I start? 😊

Asap 😉 Depending on your notice period, you’ll start at the first possible 1st of the month.  

What can I expect during my first week?

We have created an onboarding program for everyone starting at funda. You’ll kick off your first month together with other newbies (on average, three newbies per month) – which is always fun. Your first days are packed with presentations from every department and meeting a lot of ET members and colleagues. You’ll get introduced to funda, the way we work, our culture and everything you need to work: from passwords to the location of the cookie jar. Of course your own team will make sure you have a smooth transition into their daily practice. And before you know it, you’re into your second month, welcoming new newbies 😊 

Can I start working in my current country and move to the Netherlands after a few months?

Unfortunately, no. In order to get you off to a flying start, we would like you to be in the Netherlands for the onboarding and to get you all equipment you need. 

Does funda allow flexible work schedules?

In consultation, a lot is possible. As long as employee needs and business needs are aligned. We have employees working part time, sharing jobs, telecommuting. We evaluate flexible work arrangements on a case-by-case basis. If flex work is important to you, be sure to mention it to your recruiter, to find out if fits the role you’re pursuing. 

Can I change teams within funda?

Sure. If you and your Lead get on the same page about moving to another team, this is possible. If your job stays the same, the process is quick and simple. Go for it. Do you want to change to another role or department? Then there's an internal application process involved.  


What is funda’s approach to compensation?

Your compensation depends on a couple of factors. One being your role and related responsibilities. The second being the market value of the role and the value the role brings to funda. And third, your experience, skills and seniority level. We let an external agency benchmark our salaries with the market to make sure we offer you a competitive salary. We have a job framework and salary structure in place to create transparency about compensation and growth perspective. 

What does the bonus scheme look like?

Your annual bonus is dependent partly on your personal performance and partly on business performance. The business goals are related to revenue and customer satisfaction, and the ET and board set them. At the beginning of each year, we also define your personal goals together, which we evaluate during the year. The extent to which you reach them determines your bonus. You can get a bonus of up to 1.5 times your monthly salary (max 0.75 based on personal performance and max 0.75 based on business performance). 

What does the assessment/raise cycle look like?

We adjust our salaries once a year as a result of the assessment round. Of course, we also take inflation into account. In the assessment, we look at your performance and the way you carry out our fundamentals. If all goes well, you can expect a raise of 1% to 6%. 

Still got questions?

No worries, just get in touch with one of our recruiters and we’ll get you sorted asap.